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From living spaces to outdoor areas, let’s look into the details of each space and what’s important about them, so you can get a clear picture of what to expect from me as a property photographer.

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Living rooms

Living room is the heart of any property. Regardless of the size of it, or how many rooms you have, from studios (it will be an “area” rather than a room), to 4, 5 or even more bedroom properties, the living room is the one that has the biggest impression over people. 

Close shot of a light coloured, wooden armchair in a beige tone coloured living room
A warm decorated living room with an emerald green sofa, light grey walls, wooden floor, an old carpet, wooden cupboard and a fireplace, photographed for property photography.
Detail property photograph of a fireplace.

Along with all professional property photography settings such as lighting, angle and focal length, there are some significant criteria that I pay attention to as a property photographer, while capturing the essence of the living room. 

Showcasing the room’s focal points, such as a fireplace or a large window, can draw attention and add depth to the image. To gather the focus on the features of the area, decluttering is essential to create a clean and inviting space. You need to remove any distracting objects that may detract from the room’s appeal before the photo shoot.

A large, spacious living room photographed for property photography, fireplace on the wall is the focus point.
A large, spacious living room photographed for property photography, a large full length window is the focus point.
A detail photo of a light brown coloured sofa with a panelled wall at the back of it.

Staging furniture thoughtfully can help create a sense of balance and flow within the room. This will allow viewers to envision themselves relaxing in the space. I usually move furniture around slightly for each frame I capture to make sure that the whole vibe of the room is presented.


Main features of a kitchen are the cupboards, countertops and appliances. These emphasize the features and the aesthetics of a property. When photographing kitchens for different purposes such as holiday lettings, sales, and long-term lettings, specific criteria need to be considered to meet the respective needs of each market.

For holiday lettings, you need to create an inviting and visually appealing space that entices potential renters by showcasing amenities like modern appliances and ample counter space. Using elements like fresh fruits, neatly arranged dining settings and some casual decorative items will enhance the appeal.

A large, very nice green kitchen with a wooden dining table in the front and nicely decorated counter top is seen on the background.
Close up shot of a kitchen sink area with a shelf on the wall and some kitchen items on it, taken for property photography to be used on holiday letting listing.
An Airbnb detail property photo of a kitchen, a gas hob and a red kettle on the stove.
A wide angle image of a kitchen for a holiday letting Airbnb listing property photography.

Showing what makes your Airbnb home special is essential for the holiday renters.

When taking sales photos, focus on highlighting the kitchen’s standout features and functionality. Potential buyers want to see quality materials and finishes. Make sure to showcase the stainless steel appliances and granite countertops – this conveys durability and luxury. It’s also crucial to demonstrate how the kitchen integrates with the home’s overall layout. This flow helps viewers envision themselves in the space. Finally, keep styling minimal. A clean, uncluttered look gives viewers the flexibility to imagine their own belongings in the kitchen.

A modern dark grey kitchen for property photography taken for the sale of the property.
A kitchen detail photograph captured for sales property photography, giving the vibe of the area with high stools in front of a large window looking to a green area.
Vertical image of a kitchen island area with high stools, modern and nicely designed.

Potential buyers would like to see the connections between different areas and what your kitchen can offer to them.

When photographing a rental property, whether it’s furnished or unfurnished affects what to highlight. The photos should fall somewhere between vacation rental and home sale styles. Prospective tenants focus most on the kitchen’s livability and functionality. Show how the kitchen integrates with other living areas by capturing different angles. But don’t overlook showcasing practical details that make the kitchen feel like a comfortable, everyday space.

Direct angle of a large, open plan kitchen with light blue cupboards, modern design and showing all the appliances.
An open plan large kitchen with light blue cupboards, angle looking towards the living room, showing the connection for letting property photography.

Different angles of your kitchen helps the prospective tenants to visualise the space better.

a direct angle image of a kitchen, focusing on the island and the high chairs, the marble counter top and splashback is seen on the background.
A detail photo of a letting property with a sink on a white granite countertop, decorative design lamps hanging from the ceiling.
abright kitchen and a dining area, white walls and white cupboards, wooden table and garden is visible from the doors.

Capturing the details and vibe of your letting will attract viewers


Bedrooms are often the smallest rooms in a home. When photographing them, I capture different angles to show the full layout. I also take close-up shots to highlight details like textures and finishes. This comprehensive approach gives viewers a complete sense of the bedroom’s compact size yet charming feel. However, I carefully plan each angle, considering perspective. This ensures I can reflect the room’s functionality and character within its cozy footprint.

Close up image of a bed and decorative items on the backwall.
Detail of a bedroom for property photography, a wooden door close up shot, a double bed seen on the background with decorative cushions
Reflection of a double bed with white linens and decorative items on the wall, shot for property photography.

There are many different angles I capture in a bedroom for property photography.

Your potential buyers, tenant or renters should feel the warmth of the bedroom. You need to show them that it’s a welcoming place for them to relax at the end of the day. There are lots of details you can showcase to the viewers to boost their imagination and feel the warmth of the property. Tidy and decluttered staging is the key to have attractive images. This also makes the work of the property photographer more efficient.

A large bedroom decorated with neutral colours, olive green accent wall, natural wood bedframe and white linens photographed with cross angle for property photography.
A regular size bedroom with a dark navy accent colour wall, 3 windows, a king size bed with white linens and accent colour decorative cushions.
An attic bedroom with white walls, bright red used as an accent colour, bed cover has patterns with same red and cushions used for decoration, shot for property photography.

Even though natural colours are the best choice for beddings, you can create a soft colour scheme. But adding a bright accent pillow or throw blanket for an extra pop of colour will enhance the attractiveness. I balance the frames with these accent colours and items, putting the bed in the focus of the image.

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You’ll see my prices on the pre-booking page but if you need more details, check my price list here.


With all the shiny and reflective surfaces, adding the size as a constrain, bathrooms are the most challenging areas to capture for impressive property photography. Key features come to the focus in this area. Bathtub, shower and vanity are essential to highlight the design and functionality. I sometimes incorporate mirrors to showcase a larger portion of the space.

A large bathroom with white tiles, wooden vanity cupboard and grey patterned floor tiles taken for property photography.
A detail of a bathroom mirror and sanity unit, white tiles on the wall, bronze gold coloured tap.
A large bathroom with white tiles, grey patterned floor tiles and a large window taking lots of daylight inside, taken for property photography.
A shower detail property photo with a gold bronze coloured shower head and white wall tiles.

Simplicity brings elegance to your property and I capture the vibe with my expertise.

Staging with fresh towels, decorative accents, and perhaps a potted plant can add warmth and personality to the space. Especially if you’re renting an Airbnb home, showcase that you provide the essentials to your guests by professional property photography. It’s always the small details that make the big difference.

front view of a vanity unit with bronze gold coloured taps.
shower head detail property photography of a bathroom with close up shot of the bathtub
inside a shower detail, a niche on the wall with shampoo and body wash bottles, white marble walls and gold coloured shower head, taken for property photography.
high angle view of a vanity unit with bronze gold coloured taps.
bathroom detail of a bathtub with a decorative shelf on the wall and plants around.

I balance the shiny and neat surfaces of bathrooms with close-up detail photos.


Stairs are the connection between the spaces in a property. Emphasizing their design and material conveys the character of the staircase and compliment the overall beauty of its surrounding. Thera are many criteria I have to make sure that I’m framing the best of a stair.

Staircase in a house captured for property photography to show the connection between the levels.
A dark wooden flooring, a natural colour cover on a staircase, showing the connection between spaces.
A natural wooden stair with a black painted wooden railing and banister.

There’s no one certain way of capturing the stairs. It all depends on the nature and surroundings of the area. Sometimes having a wide angle works best and sometimes taking a step back, putting the stairs in the centre of the frame. As an expert property photographer, I make quick and effective decisions while planning the settings as a result of my years of experience.


If you have a garden, or a balcony, or a small front porch, that will be captured! People love outdoor spaces and seeing them on your listing brings the hype in. I focus on the seating areas, landscape arrangement, flowers, decorative elements. Meanwhile, I prevent strong shadows and smoothen the direct sunlight’s effects.

a large garden with a seating group at the end, captured for property photography.
a balcony shot from the inside of a bedroom, there are metal chairs and a table.
a wood floor and paneled terrace with a colourful seating and a colourful rug, taken for an airbnb listing
two green round metal chairs in a garden on a nice, sunny day.

Everything else I include as a property photographer

My property photography service is not limited with the listed areas. I take photos of all the details and spaces that makes you property special. After all, these details are the key factors that puts your listing on the spotlight.

A rope swing in a living room, close up shot for property photography.
A bright, modern design study space in an attic room with a bookshelf, clean and neat room.
A sky window close up shot, with colored glass light lights hanging from the ceiling.
A bright attic bedroom with an accent bright green wall, white linens and a nice green armchair next to the bed, direct angle from the end of the bed.

Every space has its own, unique feature. I combine my expertise and your property’s features to reflect the best of it.

Book me as your property photographer

Go to the pre-booking page and follow the steps there. I’ll get in touch with you when you complete the pre-booking to confirm our appointment.

You’ll see my prices on the pre-booking page but if you need more details, check my price list here.

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